Competitor Infomation

Valley Leisure Centre, Valley Road, Worksop, S81 7EN

Sunday 4th August 2019

Welcome to the Bassetlaw Triathlon organised by Bassetlaw Triathlon Club. We are delighted you have chosen to enter our event, please take time to read all the information on this sheet, it will help you have an informed, safe and enjoyable race and reduce the need to ask many questions on the day. Good luck and have a great race!

Confirmation of Entry

When entering online you will receive a confirmation email. Your bank statement will record a payment to Jaguar timing. A full list of entries can be found on the entry website. Bassetlaw Triathlon Club cannot be held responsible for the loss of postal entries and strongly advise the use of the online system where possible.

Race Rules

This event will be run according to British Triathlon Federation rules. It is your responsibility to know and follow these, this year there have been a few slight changes so please make sure you are familiar with them. You can find a copy of these here RULE BOOK.

British Triathlon Licences

All competitors must either be members of British Triathlon or purchase a British Triathlon Day Licence with your race entry. Members must be able to produce their race licences at registration, anyone unable to do so will be required to purchase a Day Licence at a cost of £3 before they will be allowed to race. Race licences will be emailed out.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL competitors will be required to show some form of photographic identification at reg-istration.

Age restrictions

In line with British Triathlon rules, to be eligible to take part in this event competitors must be at least 15 years old on or before the 31st December 2019. In addition anyone under 18 years old must have parental permission to take part in the event.


Worksop can be easily accessed from both the M1 J31 and A1, from both directions follow the A57 until the Gateford roundabout – Please be aware of cyclists as this roundabout forms part of the cycle course. From the roundabout take Gateford Road (signed for bike route), bear left along Raymoth Road then right onto Valley Road; this junction will be managed during the race to give priority to cyclists.

Car Parking

Car parking will be available at the Leisure Centre access is only available from valley road (baulk lane entrance will be shut) and opposite at the 16+ centre. Please give priority to cyclists at all times and follow the instructions given by the race marshals and TMS traffic management officals.

Valley Leisure Centre, Valley Road, Worksop, S81 7EN

Sunday 5th August 2018

Registration 7.15am – 10.00am

Please register a minimum of 1 hour before your start time, but no later than 10.00am

The Race registration can be found upstairs in the Leisure Centre. You will need: Photographic ID, British Triathlon Membership card – if you have one, to know your race number – this can be found online from Thursday 2nd August or on the printed list displayed in Registration. Please move along the desks in turn and follow any directions given to you by the registration staff.

You will be issued with:

Competitors wrist band – this allows entry to race and transition areas.

Race numbers – to be worn on the back for the bike and front for the run. You can either bring safety pins or use a race belt.

Sticker – must be affixed to the bike frame – for identification and security.

T-Shirt – your memento from the race to be worn with pride!

To be issued pool side:

Timing chip – DO NOT LOSE! Wear the chip with the arrow pointing up, on the outside, round your LEFT (To avoid clashes with bike gears) ankle. The chip must be worn for all disciplines of the race and should be re-moved and returned in the finish area. You may be charged £15 if you do not return your chip.

Swim caps will be issued according to your ‘wave’, this must be worn and should be removed and left in the collection tub at the swim exit.

Race Briefing

These will take place in transition at 7.40am and 8.40am on the grassed area next to the finish. Race briefings are for your information and safety and we highly recommend you attend if you have any special needs for the briefing please email the event through to .

Transition Area

Once registered, please put on your competitor’s wristband and bike frame sticker you will then be per-mitted to enter the transition area. This can be found on the tennis courts adjacent to the Leisure Centre. Please have your helmet on and fastened securely as marshals will check competitor helmets and bikes to make sure brakes work and bar ends are in place.

The bike racking is numbered, you must rack with your bike facing out from the sticker with your number on. At all times be aware of and give priority to racing athletes. Please make sure you leave any other equipment in line with your bike so as not to cause disruption to other competitors. Boxes and bags are not permitted next to your transition area, these must be left in the storage area marked in transition or you may use a locker in the Leisure centre.

It is a good idea to lay out your bike/run gear in the order you will need to put it on, remember you must be wearing your fastened helmet before touching your bike! And at the end of your cycle, you must re-rack your bike before removing your helmet.

At the end of the race you must show your race number and bike sticker when removing your bike from transition. Please be patient – these security measures are in place to benefit you.

Please note that only competitors, marshals and race officials are allowed in the transition area. No family or friends will be allowed to collect your equipment for you unless under exceptional circumstances.

Valley Leisure Centre, Valley Road, Worksop, S81 7EN

Sunday 5th August 2018

Swim – 400m

Please arrive on the pool side approximately 10 minutes before your start time. If you are late for your start time your wave will not wait for you. The 400m swim is 16 lengths of the pool – you are responsible for counting your own lengths. Entry and exit of the water will be at the shallow end. Cap, goggles, nose clip (not compulsory) Tri-suits and costume are the only things that may be worn in the water. Anything else (including calf guards) could be considered a possible buoyancy aid and is against the rules. Buoyancy swim wear is not allowed.

The swim starter will call your numbers and start waves of 6 swimmers at a time. Your estimated swim time from your entry form has been used to determine your start time, this should ensure you are swim-ming with competitors of a similar speed. It is in your best interest to make sure this is as accurate as possible, please don’t guess, and contact us if you need to alter it before race day. There will be other competitors in the same lane during the race, it is up to the faster swimmer to overtake. This is a race, tapping someone’s feet does not mean they have to let you past, remember though that it is much easier to swim behind someone.

At the end of your swim remove your hat, exit through the side doors and head to transition.

Road Traffic Rules

Please be aware that the triathlon is being held on public roads that are open to traffic. There is traffic management in place which aims to give priority to racing cyclists at all junctions which are not left turns.

However, YOU MUST obey the law and highway code at all times; dangerous riding will result in a time penalty or disqualification and could jeopardise our chances of offering similar events in the future.

Marshals are situated at strategic points on the course to guide and assist, but they do not have the authority to stop the traffic. Please stay safe!

Bike – 23.4km/14.5 miles

PLEASE NOTE: The bike course has changed this year and measures 23.4km/14.5 miles. All turnings are marshalled. It follows the same route as previous years until reaching Gildingwells where it takes a new turning. Details below:-

Follow the bike exit signs out of transition – you must not ride in transition or mount your bike until you have completely crossed the mount line, painted on the ground, marked by marshals with flags.

At the start of the bike course you will head out from the leisure centre taking the first right and then first left up Mount Avenue. At the top of Mount Avenue turn left on to Carlton Road. About 2km into the bike leg you will go straight over at the Cannon crossroad traffic lights. This junction is traffic managed giving cyclists on the way out on the bike course priority over all other vehicle flows. Carry straight on this road for the next 7km. 9km into the bike course take the left turn before Oldcotes. 12km into the bike course take the left turn towards the village of Letwell. This road heads to the village of Gilding-wells where you will then take a left hand turn back towards Carlton in Lindrick. The right turn junction in Carlton in Lindrick is a compulsory foot down stop for rider safety. Marshals will monitor the junction to ensure this rule is followed. Any additional time any rider is stopped due to traffic will be noted and subtracted from your total time. Note any rider not stopping at the foot down point will be      disqualified.

Valley Leisure Centre, Valley Road, Worksop, S81 7EN

Sunday 5th August 2018

Follow the road back to Worksop retracing the route from earlier in the bike leg. There is a righthand turn at the Cannon crossroad traffic lights in Worksop (you approach from the opposite direction compared to earlier in the bike leg) – this junction is traffic managed for the event with stop/go signage. Priority will be given to any oncoming traffic coming from central Worksop (in flow with the OUT leg of the bike) so you may have to stop. Again marshals will monitor the junction and any additional time any rider is stopped due to traffic will be noted and subtracted from your total time. This isn’t a mandatory foot down/stop point as many riders will be able to cycle through the junction without having to stop. After this junction you’re nearly back to transition – take a left turn on to Valley Road and then right turn towards the dismount line. Remember each turning is marshalled and signage will be up to direct riders.

You must dismount your bicycle by the time you reach the dismount line, which will be marked on the ground and by marshals with flags. A time penalty may be applied if you fail to dismount in time.

Proceed to your place in the racking. Remember to keep your helmet on and fastened until you have racked your bicycle!

For a map of the route see

This is a NON-DRAFTING event drafting rules can be found on the links below. There will be Officials out on course checking for drafting.—drafting-rules-explained-2018.pdf—know-the-rules-2018.pdf

DO NOT LITTER ON COURSE. This is also illegal during a race. Litter is not tolerated at all we are going through beautiful country side please do not spoil it. If you can carry It full you can carry it empty.

Run – 5k

There will be signs and marshals along the route. Out of transition the route turns right on to Valley Road, take the first right up Anston Avenue. Right at the top and along Gateford Road, you will be re-quired to cross a number of small side roads, the majority of these are dead ends, but it is your respon-sibility to cross safely – marshals cannot stop traffic for you. After 1km turn right down Windsor Road, right again on to Prince Charles Road and follow the road round, then right down Royal Crescent. At the end of the road turn right onto Valley Road back towards the Leisure Centre. The route then turns up through the school grounds to skirt around the back of the centre. Bringing you out opposite the finish field, on the first lap now turn right up The Baulk and repeat the Gateford Road loop, once you are around the back of the Leisure Centre for a second time continue straight across on to the finish field, where the route goes along the edge and finishes under the gantry.

For a map of the route see

DO NOT LITTER ON COURSE. This is also illegal during a race. Litter is not tolerated at all we are going through housing areas where people live please do not spoil it. If you can carry It full you can carry it empty.


Once across the finish line, have a drink, remove and hand in your timing chip. You will be able to print out your time including splits about 10 minutes after you finish from the Jaguar Timing gazebo.

You can collect your things from transition once the last competitor has racked their bike. Remember you must show your race number in order to remove your bike from transition, and do not obstruct racing athletes when leaving.


If you have entered as part of a relay team, each member will complete one discipline of the race. After completing the swim, the swimmer will run to transition where the cyclist will be waiting next to the bike without helmet on. The timing chip should be swapped to the cyclists left ankle; they are then free to put on their helmet and un-rack their bike. When the cyclist returns at the end of the ride, they must rack the bike and remove their helmet before transferring the chip to the runner, who then completes the race.

Valley Leisure Centre, Valley Road, Worksop, S81 7EN

Sunday 5th August 2018

Medical Conditions

Please write the details of your next of kin and any medical conditions on the back of your race number. If you have a medical condition or are taking any medication please write MC in large letters on the front bottom corner of your race number.


Any penalties will be posted on the board in the Jaguar Timing gazebo. Appeals must be made within one hour in accordance with BTF guidance, please see the Race Official.


You can print your results from the Jaguar Timing kiosk about 10 minutes after you finish. Provisional re-sults will be posted on the event website as soon as is practicable after the race.


If you have to pull out at any point during the race, please make the marshals aware and return your timing chip.