Ironman Austria 2017 – Jason Lippitt

Date of Event: 2 nd July 2017
Time of Event: 07:00
Location: Klagenfurt, Austria
Race Name: IRONMAN Austria
Race Type:   IRONMAN


½ + ½ is not equal to 1 (in Ironman)

I have done 5, Half Ironman events, (1.2Mile Swim, 56 Mile Bike, 13.1 Mile Run), and at the end of everyone I was totally
spent. I used to think, how on earth can any human do DOUBLE that? Being in Bassetlaw Tri Club however, inspired me
to do more. I really enjoyed the training and banter with the other athletes. I used to see the Ironmen at races with their
M-Dot tattoos and I started to believe I could do it. So, I found myself researching the races and decided upon Austria,
which is famous for great spectator support, and crucially being quick a quick course.
On the 2 nd of July at 3.45am I woke up, forced myself to eat despite the nerves and butterflies, and caught the bus to the
start. The water in Klagenfurt is beautiful, and warm. In fact, it was almost a ‘non-wetsuit swim’, which means harder
work. Fortunately, the water temperature was 23degC, just below the allowable threshold. At 07:00 over 3000 people
ran into the water in lots of 10, every 4 seconds. Everyone was in the water within 15 minutes, and the usual bashing
and bumping took place for the next hour and twenty minutes. The final ½ mile had us swimming up a canal which was
only 10M wide. The banks and bridges were lined with supporters, cheering and applauding. So, out of the swim and
onto the bike. There were two significant climbs on the bike loop, which had to be repeated so two laps, 180Km, and an
ascent of 1680M. The support was phenomenal on the climbs, shouts of ‘hopp, hopp’, and ‘Zooper Bassetlaw, Zooper

Jason’ were everywhere! That last climb though had me swearing and pulling all kinds of faces. It also left me totally
empty for the marathon. I knew at the start of the run I had messed my nutrition up – I felt weak and dizzy, but
somehow, by shear will of force I managed to keep plodding. I felt as though I had been running all my life. The sun was
strong now, and I was hot – in the distance I saw a marker, as I got nearer and got into focus it said “1KM”. Unbelievable!
I had another 41KM to go, and I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. I heard someone shout form the
crowd, “Bassetlaw – you need something eat!” I must have looked dreadful. I thought I was running, but then someone
who was walking, passed me! I gave up and stated to walk. There was a feed station around 2.5KM – if I could get to that
I could rest and get some fuel on board. When I did get there, there was Pizza – yes Pizza, and water melons, and
oranges, and salty crackers, and ice, and water, and isotonic, and energy gels! I got stuck right in, and carried on shuffling
along. After another 5KM or so I started to feel better, and was jogging along. It turned dark, I was still shuffling, jogging
along. I saw the signs saying 38KM, and I could hear the crowds and see the lights in the distance. I found something
from somewhere and started running properly. I arrived at the famous red carpet, got high fived by everyone, and ran
between the cheerleaders, as I heard the words, “Jason Lippitt – YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!”
It took me 15hours and 10minutes. I spent the next two hours eating drinking and dancing and cheering the rest of the
athletes home! I can’t wait to do it again.

Jason Lippitt

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