Holkam Half Outlaw – july 17

Date of Event: 2-7- 17
Time of Event: Wave time 7am
Location: Holkham
Race Name: Holkham half Outlaw
Race Type:   Triathlon 70.3


Your Name: Craig Reep
Positions    522 of 1242 overall
77 of 182 – age group 45-49


This was my first Middle Distance / 70.3 / Half – Ironman, so I am unable to compare it to other events of the same nature
or distance. I have however, done several OSB Events and I also know the company quite well, so I am aware of the
Outlaw reputation and Holkham certainly lived up to that.
The event was excellent, everything one would want and expect from a high quality triathlon. The location was perfect,
very picturesque, easily accessible and being able to camp on-site made it easy to start what is always an early and
reasonably long day.
The weather was near on perfect – how can you complain, when the sun shines so well, maybe if we could of turned the
breeze down a little, it would of made the bike a tad easier, but then that may of turned up the heat – you can't have it

all, can you.
I set myself a goal, many months ago – to finish within 6 hours, 5:45 was my target time, but after such a great day and I
feel – a great effort too, I was not complaining being 7-8mins over my target.
During the final lap of the run, many thoughts ran through my mind. My wife, waiting for me at the finish line, who
without her, I don't think I could of achieved what I set out to do. The dedication I had applied to this event over a 6
month period. The pain, during training, especially running – all of which seems to filter into the background when you
are racing. I also have to say, that at one point, I even considered I may get emotional at the finish line – but a quick talk
to myself about not being a great big puff, soon sorted that one out.
Even though we had been advised during the pre-race briefing, that we should filter through at the end, collect medals,
eat etc…and then meet family afterwards, I felt the urge to hold back for a few moments, take it all in, find my wife and
give her a huge hug and kiss.
She has supported me 110% throughout my training for Holkham and she is the most dedicated nutritionist/cook that I
could ever wish for. She never moans at the endless hours of training that I do, the numerous mornings when I get out of
bed at 4.30am, trying to be quiet (not one of my strongest points) and I wake her up. This support without a doubt makes
a big difference to me and helps me to enjoy the sport of triathlon even more.
This is my 4th year in the sport and I hope that there will be many more. My recent affiliation with Bassetlaw Triathlon
Club has been a positive and enjoyable step, I have really enjoyed the first 2 months, meeting new people, gaining
knowledge and support and the training/coaching on tap is fantastic.
May it continue, may I continue and look forward to many more challenges in the future!
Craig Reep.

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