22nd July 2017 london Docklands, AJ Bell Live to tri

The A J Bell Triathlon attracts over 13,000 participants and over 30,000 spectators each year, this event has become a must do event in the sporting calendar and one I had my eye on doing for the last 2 years. With a variety of distances, routes and wave categories to choose from it is an event that welcomes everyone even if you have not done a triathlon before. The Super Sprint or Sprint Triathlon is a popular distance to give this ago.

My aim was to complete the Olympic distance on the Saturday.

The AJ Bell London Triathlon takes place at the Excel Centre, Victoria Docks. From here you will swim, bike & run. On the Saturday, the Olympic distance stays near the Excel Centre. With 2 laps swimming, 4 laps of 10km on the bike and 4 laps of 2.5km for the run.

The weather forecast for the day was mixed with dry, cloudy and sunshine in the morning and wet and a chance for thunder storms for the afternoon and they were not wrong. By 12 noon the rain started and turning heavy at times.

My start time was at 3:10 pm with the race briefing taking place 20 minutes before this. We were told that there was a delay of about 10 minutes due to the weather conditions which turned very quickly in to 40 minutes due to thunder and lightning which is not ideal when you are already nervous.

Finally, our wave got on the way at 3:50. The sun had disappeared and the sky was just dark and grey with heavy rain at times.

I settled quickly in to the 2-lap swim and came out the water in just over 29 minutes.

The bike course was tricky with a wet road service, lots of puddles and tight corners by the turn around points.

The run course with some deep puddles outside had also a welcoming break each lap with turning back in to the EXEL building to soak up the atmosphere and support.

Even though the weather was wet and miserable I finished in 03:10:33. This was a great event and I enjoyed every minute and will certainly be back to do this one again. Yannie

It was my first standard distance so I was a bit apprehensive. However we had a great time, brilliant atmosphereespecially cycling into London on closed roads, all the way to ‘Big Ben’ Houses of Parliament. The event was massive and exceptionally well organised, lots of marshals and clear signage etc. The weather was a mixed bag, cloudy, drizzly and sunny spells.

My son was also competing and blew me away with his 41min run and overall time of 2:23. I thought I had it in the bag when I came out of the swim ahead of him, but that was short lived. I was quite surprised that many competitors had lost their water bottles and even sunglasses on the bike route. There were a couple of occasions when I considered to stop and retrieve an expensive looking pair of Oakley’s but my competitive nature kicked in and kept me going.

An enjoyable, exhausting experience, can’t wait for the next one.


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